Reasons why you don’t Always get that job

Have you been seeking for a job for long but in vain? Getting a job can be very hard. This is because you are not so sure of what the interviewers want or expect from you. You do your level best to impress the interviewers, you leave the room confident that you have nailed the interview, but you still don’t get a positive feedback. This can be so devastating, but it does not mean you will never get the job! You should, therefore, start by understanding how you present yourself for the interview, this might be the reason why you don’t get that job. Here are reasons why hunting for a job today might be a nightmare. Take a look!

How you speak

The way you speak tells the interviewers a lot about you. Your personality is revealed from how you speak and the interviewers are very keen on this. How you speak can tell them if you are the perfect person for the position or not. The reason why you didn’t get the job could be because the employers did not like how you were speaking. Maybe you were not fluent in your talk or maybe you were too informal. Remember, your employers need to see how serious you are to judge if you can manage the task. Nobody wants to employ someone who does not speak fluently.

Your smell

Surprisingly, the kind of perfume you wear can make you not get that job. This might as well be the reason you didn’t get that job. Maybe your perfume was too strong and irritating. This is a bad first impression to the interviewers. Chances are high that a good number of the interviewers will be put off by the smell of your perfume if it is too strong. That’s why you never got the job.


It is advisable to be confident in an interview; you should show that you are well aware of the position you are seeking for. However, overdoing the confident can appear as arrogance, and you end up not getting the job. Always show the interviewers that you have some knowledge about the position, but you are interested in knowing more about the company.

Different requirements

Job hunting can be so tiresome, especially when not so much vacancies are available. The reason why you may not have gotten the job may be because you didn’t meet the interviewer’s requirements. You may think that you have everything set for the interview. However, what you have could be totally different from what the interviewers were looking for.