What to do before hiring a virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is a big business decision especially if you are doing it for the first time. You need to be prepared for the process so that you can do it right. Virtual assistants work online, so most of them are hired on the different online platforms such as For many businesspersons, hiring a VA is a challenge because the process is done online. However, before you hire a virtual assistant, you should prepare yourself. By doing the right preparations, the process will be smooth, and you will get the right person for the job.

Hiring a virtual assistant

Why do want a virtual assistant

Before hiring a VA, ask yourself why you want to hire one. By knowing why you want to hire a virtual assistant, you will know the type of assistant that you need for your business. When you determine why you need a VA, you will be able to narrow down the skills that you need. You should never hire a virtual assistant without first finding a need in your business. The VA that you hire should find some defined roles for them once they are hired.



You should have a clear budget when hiring a virtual assistant. Your budget will help you determine the number of hours that the assistant can work. Virtual assistants receive an hourly rate, and the budget is usually the guideline. There is a standard hourly rate for all the assistant so you should at least be able to pay your assistant the standard rate.

Delegate the less important

It is important to know that virtual assistants are not full-time employees of the business. You should consider giving them the less important duties that won’t affect your business in a big way. You cannot afford to delegate the main activities of the business to the virtual assistant because there are chances that your business will suffer. As time goes on, you can give them more activities after determining their performance.


Time zones and locations

Keeping in mind that virtual assistants work online from anywhere in the world, you can never ignore the time zones and locations. It depends on how your virtual assistant to work. If you want your virtual assistant to work when you are sleeping, then you can choose a different time zone. However, if you want to work at the same time, then choose the same time zone.